FB (Fahrradbox) - the bike box is one of a newly developed productline for Element 13. The Product line includes different way to store your bike or stroller, you trash bins or your gardenequipment.

FB offers a unique way to store your bike safe and easy. You just lift your bike on the hanger and push it in the box!

FB can be a green spot in your driveway! You can plan a wide range of plants on top of the box with this special top (instead of the standard top)

FB comes in a wide variety of side panels. An extrasafe special alloy profile, Fundamax or wooden side in your color choice garantees that it will fit to your house.

FB is avaiable in two versions, for two and four bikes. The box have a lock and each bike can be secured aditionally with a bikelock through the hanger.


For this Project where different strand casting profiles newly developed.