The ALTER_Scent, coated with nanoparticels, imade out of rubber–like material and will be applied into the nasal passage.




Alter_Scent comes with a small case for safe and hygenic carrying and for display.





This film from Bold Futures explains how it works.

Bold Futures about their concept:

“AlterSCENT” – or simply nanonose – is a speculative product of the year 2030 based on real science. A nose plug featuring a reactive nanofibre mesh allows for the alteration of virtually all airborne molecules: Individual smells can be intensified, lessened or changed and previously odourless gases can become odourable. The prospects of the near-future development of a product like this open up the field for many wild yet plausible applications and implications.

Together with nanotechnologists from the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Department of Polymer Composites, we sketched out a few of these plausible scenarios: Will we choose to remap certain smells? Will we have smoke detectors in our noses? Will we find the nearest point of interest by smell? Will the “smelling space” need to be regulated? Will we need to buy smelling licences, will we get sponsored scents, rogue scents, encrypted scents? – What would YOU like to do with the help of augmented smelling, if anything?"

the film received the first prize at the "nanospots"- shortfilm festival