CULINA X The conceptual approach of the dish is derived from the finding that particularly the transferring and transporting of food is a risky procedure for blind users. Culina X can be transported and positioned to another vessel safely by using both hands. Pressing the top of the bowl, the content falls through the hole that will open at the bottom of the pot. Thereby risky “flipping“ is avoided and the content is decanted safely. The upper V-shaped piece of flexible plastic generates the tension that holds the bowl closed firmly in its original state. The interlocking sealing lips even keep liquids safely in the bowl.


culina Q

CULINA QU The measuring cup Culina Qu readopts the principle of Culina X : measuring and transferring, carrying and positioning with both hands, squeezing and pouring. On the inside of Culina Qu there is a tactile Braille lettering scale. Due to the special height and angle of the wall, each end of the scale can be reached easily with the index finger. The thumb remains free and can position a bottleneck safely, so that nothing spills during the filling. The total size of the measuring cup corresponds to the size of a hand.


CULINA OM The scale Culina Om avoids the often unpleasant electronic voice of existing scales for blind people. When using Culina Om the desired weight is adjusted by sliding the scale ring. Quantities of up to 2,000 grams can be spatially experienced by rotating the ring.

CULINA OM can accommodate a lot of different vessels from small to a large salad bowl. If you place any kind of container on the scale and fill it gradually, it will respond with vibration once you reach the desired amount. Instead of vibration, the scale could also respond with a specific sound. To facilitate the recognition of the scale in the kitchen cupboard, it is formally reduced to the function-indicating features, so it is not confused with other items in the kitchen cabinet.


About the Culina series

The kitchen series is aimed at blind users and has taken their needs for a tactile experience of the environment into account. The series is also suitable for seeing people. The design is not to say „aid“, but wants to be a single, self confident device that emphasizes the diversity of people in a positive way. The series consists of six products. The core products presented are: the scale , the measuring cup and a storing dish . They were developed in reaction to a detailed study of the needs and patterns of blind users.

supervised by Prof. Nils Krüger and Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann