The HYPERBRAILLE by Metec AG emerged from the development of an electronic Braille device that can display digital texts to blind people in a tactile manner.

Based on this technology, a computer monitor for blind people was developed.
This way the graphical interface Microsoft Windows can be experienced tactile and the interface can also be used direc tly as an input medium.

The ergonomic requirements for the device itself and its controls have been considered particularly for the design. Since it is mostly used in work environments where seeing people work as well, social acceptance and the avoidance of stigmatization play an important role.

Partners involved in this project were F.A. Papenmeyer GmbH, IMS Chips,
TU Dresden and the University of Stuttgart.

Limiting factor in shaping is the size and weight of the tactile unit (copper-
colored area).


Commissioned by METEC AG, Stuttgart 2009
Design of a touch screen for blind people